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We all seek a way to deal with the current situation of waves of new people entering our labour markets. In all partner countries, organisations and agencies have set up initiatives to help migrants and refugees. This website offers a collection of good practices of various operators in the project partner countries, which can inspire you in your search for support.


If you are new in a country, you face with an incredible adventure on different levels: social, economic, cultural… Communication becomes a necessary key and is therefore prominent in inter-personal relationships. The Act in Time project focuses on facilitating your integration in the labour market taking all these factors into account. The Smart kit helps you to entrance the labour market and to overcome intercultural differences.


A lot of newly arrived migrants present themselves on the labour market introducing skills and experience from their home country. Hiring recognized refugees and migrants may seem difficult at first sight. Act in Time brings migrant and refugee applicants closer to the world of work, developing a toolkit in order to assist you as a company in hiring refugees and migrants.