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Act in Time

The Europe 2020 strategy has identified the improvement of the labour market outcomes of immigrants as a key step for meeting the target of a 75 per cent employment rate in the EU by 2020.
The European Commission has set up the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) for the period 2014-2020 to promote the efficient management of migration flows and the implementation, strengthening and development of a common Union approach to asylum and immigration. The Fund will contribute to the achievement of the specific objective on legal migration and integration: supporting legal migration to EU States in line with the labour market needs and promoting the effective integration of non-EU nationals.
The Act in time Project is financed by AMIF and operates in particular towards the Integration of migrants into the EU labour Market as a core part of the integration process. Finding a job is fundamental to becoming part of the host country’s economic and social life.


The Act in time project objective is the identification of a multi stakeholder cooperation among Training and Learning Centres, NGOs, Local Institutions, Employers Organisations and Public Employment Centres at EU, National and Local Level, established on the partner territories, in order to:

  • Improve the quality of services/training and assistance for migrants and specifically.
  • Implement concrete actions to facilitate access and promote the integration of 450 migrants in the workplace.
  • Raise awareness about the benefits of the Multiculturality Integration within the companies.

The project relies on the Training Agencies, public and/or private which are highly labour market oriented and used to meet the companies’ needs, and so effectively capable to bridge the migrants to the companies. Employers, from their side can also play a role as advocates of migrants’ contributions to the local economy and stimulate a more positive discourse around migrants contributing to their better integration.


Main outputs directly linked to operating phases are:

Operator Kit
It is meant to upgrade the Operators competences. It concerns mainly the following areas:

1. Guidance for the activation of recognition of qualifications
2. Guidance for managing diversity within the companies
3. Guidance about self-entrepreneurship opportunities

Smart Kit
It is addressed to Migrants. It includes: brief first-hand guidelines and reflections on life and working in EU countries partner of the project, tools for profiling and leading to a definition of the steps to reach goals and objectives, recognition of prior learning and qualifications.

Diversity in the workplace: Guidelines.
It is addressed to the companies. It contains tools and guidance to facilitate the integration of migrants and refugees within the companies.


The project deploys in two phases:

Preparatory phase
Consolidation of tools and contents shared among the European project partners and Capacity building actions addressed to the staff of local organisations active on the territory with the aim of improve both the Process and the Services offered.

Concrete Support Actions to migrants adhering to the project, such as:

  • Guidance to the Labour Market
  • Recognition and valorisation of competences and experiences acquired previously
  • Definition and implementation of Individual Action Plans
  • Delivery of training programmes tailored on individual needs, through the use of different methodologies (among which predominantly the classroom training)
  • Accompanying measures during every step of the pathway
  • Organization and tutoring of traineeship periods in enterprises aimed to fill the gap between possessed and expected competencies
  • A consultancy programme offered to enterprises focused on Diversity Management in view of a possible integration of migrants in the workplace

Expected results

Modelling of a multi stakeholders cooperation, among private and public organisations, pivoting on the Training Providers as those who can integrate the services offered to migrants with expertise in the field of employment opportunities

Empowering the organisations involved on the territory to orient migrants to the Eu labour Market

Increasing the employability of migrants involved and their integration into the labour market by means of integrated and personalized services with respect to the needs of the migrants and of the companies

Providing a support programme of personalized consultancy to the companies with focus on Diversity Management to raise awareness about the benefits for organizational development of the valorisation of differences

Integrating 450 migrants in to the European labour Market and so reinforcing the Efficacy and Efficiency of the whole Economic and Social System